Federal Trade Commission Rules.

Rules were revised by federal trade commission in 2015.

According to their revised rules, the online platform visitor must know that if the blog or blogger is paid or endorsed by a product company to sell their products on their platform. Rules also stated that the visitor must know if the published content is generating revenue by sharing the details of different products or not.

We at publish affiliated articles for which we receive a small amount on each product’s sale.

How Affiliate Links Work?

Products published in the affiliate content are just for the visitor’s knowledge, but the purchases made on this platform are linked with the other affiliate website such as

The buyer buys the product directly from the seller and not from

The product’s price is precisely the same stated by the seller directly no matter from which platform you place the order. mainly use two types of affiliate program.

  1. Affiliated links by amazon.
  2. Affiliated product links.

Affiliated Links by amazon:

The platform of work as a participant for the amazon services LLC associate program. By advertising the affiliate products from amazon or other platforms, we generate a small revenue amount.

Affiliated Product Links:

If a visitor of our platform after reading the detailed review of the product place the order on our website, we get a small percentage of commission to sell their products.

But do remember the price does not change it will same on both the platforms no matter from where you buy.

Do we promote sponsored content?

We at do not post any sponsored content. The content we publish is of our own free will an unbiased review so that our visitor can make an informed decision.

However, if we will ever post any sponsored content, our sacred responsibility is to let our visitors know the product’s true side after using it personally.

The purchase you made directly on our website support our research team efforts.

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